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To The Snow

Ajar’s family are all blue-eyed. I was always amazed to feel a familiarity in people’s faces amongst Wakhi people, who live in the Pamir mountains, right next to the border with China. I find it fascinating to consider the implications on human migration. Think of our history, of all the ancient paths that have been taken to reach every corner of the earth, all the drama and excitement that must have taken place (and still is taking place!).


To The Snow

Green-eyed Gul returning from school. Wakhi girls are privileged in the sense that getting education is a priority among this Ismaili community. The Aga Khan, their spiritual leader says the following: “If you have 2 children, a boy and a girl, but not enough money to educate both kids: give education in priority to the girl – as a future mother, the girl will be the one later educating your grand children…” Sarhad Village, Wakhan Corridor.

Bakh Shoh


We met the day before, he was cutting barley with his sisters and uncles. I returned early morning, walking near his home, wanting in… Bakh Shoh again! His resting face, waiting for tea. But then he could crack up and laugh, or do quick dance moves, listening to his little orange radio. Then back to resting face. Can you imagine? It’s a photographer’s luxury to pick a moment, yet know there is more to it. In fact there is always more to it.


InstagramTo The Snow

Marbet, a seven year-old Afghan Kyrgyz girl, had just returned home from watching over her father’s sheep. I was taking picture of her brother, and she just sat there. Her red cheeks are the result of the extreme cold that affects the Afghan Pamir throughout winter.