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Six-year old Susaï is fetching water near camp in a spring claimed as one of the sources of the Oxus, also known as Amu Darya, Central Asia’s largest river. It starts early, the jobs of a woman: water chore, making dough, taking care of fire all day, make 15/20 flat breads (average camp), collect dry dung whenever spare time, watch over kids, sew clothes, make blankets stuffed with wool, make more rope with camel hair, more cooking, make kurut (dry cheese) and place it on the roof, take the herd out, take it back in, milk the sheep and goats and yaks, drop everything and welcome passing guests at any moment, and always have huge quantity of chai ready. It rarely stops.

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During my fifth expedition to Afghanistan’s Pamir mountains, on assignment photographing the isolated nomadic Kyrgyz community, for a National Geographic magazine feature story titled “Stranded on the Roof of the World” (February 2013). Shot in summer 2012.

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Format: Archival print, printed with pigment ink on acid free Hahnemühle paper.

Limited Edition of 30

Signed and titled on the back.

Image Size: 50 cm x 40 cm

Print is sold unmounted


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